KYPipe 대 EPANET 비교표
모델링 알고리즘루프(Loop)&노드(Nood) 단위노드(Nood)단위
소방관로분석(NFPA Hydrant Rating)아니오
분지관경분석(Branch Diameter Analysis)아니오
AutoCAD & GIS 파일(Import/Export) 아니오
관로시스템 관리기능아니오
압력 분포도아니오
Expanded Rural Analysis (IPD) (long branch connections with few connections)아니오
Direct Parameter Calculation아니오
공급유량 자동분배아니오
배수 시스템 기능아니오
(Industry Summary/Supply Plot)
스프링쿨러 시스템자동분석아니오
유동해석 애니메이션지원아니오
지상고 자동입력아니오
펌프 최적화모델링아니오
Shape 파일 입출력아니오
Feedpipes (feeding tanks)아니오
CAD, GIS도면 배경지원아니오
추가해석모듈 지원
(Surge, Steam, Gas, SWMM, Fire Sprinkler)

Same as EPANET plus active (actual ratio) valves (ball, butterfly, globe, gate,needle, custom), hydrants, hydrant monitor, metered connections, pressure supply, low pressure sewer connections, hydropnuematic tanks, back flow preventers, vacuum breakers. multiple pumps, variable speed pumps

Pipes, nodes (pipe junctions), pumps, valves (including shutoff, check, pressure regulating, and flow control), and storage tanks or reservoirs, sprinklers
인터넷지도 배경지원아니오
정규 과정아니오
온라인 교육용비디오예 (Free!)아니오
Excel Import/Export아니오
SCADA 장치 지원아니오
관로시스템 스케쥴아니오
해석수식(Calculate Darcy Weisbach/Hazen-Williams/Chezy-Mannings Methods )
Minor Head Loss for Bends & Fittings
(includes look-up table to select fittings)
Variable Speed Pumps예 (제한적)
Compute Piping and Energy Cost (Optimal Design Module)
Model various types of valves, including shutoff, check, pressure regulating, and flow control.
Allow storage tanks to have any shape (e.g., surface area can vary with height)
Consider multiple demand types at nodes, each with its own pattern of time variation
Model pressure-dependent flow issuing from emitters (sprinkler heads)
Control elements (e.g. pumps) based on conditions (e.g. tank level) in the system
Water quality, chemical, trace, water age and all facets of decay, storage, mixing, reaction, concenctration, mass inputs over time
use of EPANET for quality calculations
결과 그래프
Pipeline Profile Plots
여러 값에대한 그래픽분포도예 (제한)
Extended Period Analysis
Import / Export EPANET File